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Dorothy Emily StevensonAnother member of the Stevenson family who also attained considerable literary merit is Dorothy Emily Stevenson. Born in Edinburgh on the 18th November 1892, she lived in Scotland all her life and wrote over 40 books, most of which were written in Dumfriesshire.

Her father, David Alan Stevenson (1854-1938), was RLS's first cousin. Dorothy was educated at home by a governess and began to write stories and poems at the age of eight. In 1916 she married Captain James Reid Peploe of the 6th Gurkha Rifles, and had four children.

Her first published novel was "Peter West", which had appeared as a serial in Chambers Journal. "Mrs Tim of the Regiment" was written in 1932 and has sequels: "Mrs Tim Carries On" (1941), "Mrs Tim gets a Job" (1947) , and "Mrs Tim Flies Home" (1952). The Mrs Tim books actually grew out of Dorothy's diaries she had kept as an "army wife" and were very successful.

The readers of D. E. Stevenson's novels are often gratified by her tendency to allow her characters to "come back" in sequels to their original books, either as main characters, secondary characters or in cameos. Those who read D. E. Stevenson's books for their cosy portrayal of friendship,Dorothy Emily Stevenson headstone love and family life are often surprised that she wrote "An Empty World" in 1936 which can best be described as science fiction! The setting is 1973 and deals with the aftermath of the destruction of life on earth by a giant comet.

The themes and plots of the eight books D. E. Stevenson wrote during the World War II were of course affected by the turmoil and uncertainty of the times. They were "The English Air" (1940), "Mrs Tim Carries On" (1941), "Spring Magic" (1942), "Crooked Adam" (1942), "Celia's House" (1943), "The Two Mrs Abbotts" (1943), "Listening Valley" (1944) and "The Four Graces" (1946).

Dorothy Emily Stevenson died the 30th December 1973 at the age of 81, and is buried in Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, where she lived for many years.

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