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Alan Stevenson (1807-1865)

Skerryvore - considered by many to be the
most elegant and perfect lighthouse

Alan, the eldest son of Robert and Jean Stevenson to survive infancy, was born in the year in which work commenced on the Bell Rock Lighthouse. His greatest achievement was undoubtedly the Skerryvore lighthouse . . . built on a reef some 12 miles off the south-west tip of Tiree; in fact, in a situation not all that dissimilar from the Inchcape Rock on which his father had built his famous lighthouse. Considered as the intellectual of the family, Alan was not born with the same robust physique as his father and grandfather, and unfortunately suffered from ill-health for most of his life, causing him to retire prematurely from the position of Engineer in 1853.

In 1844 he married Margaret Jones, whom he had met many years before in Wales. They had one son (Robert Alan Mowbray) and three daughters. They eventually moved to St Cyrus in Kincardineshire, a small village a few miles north of Montrose and not far from the heartland of Scotland's other great literary genius and National Bard, Robert Burns. Alan travelled extensively through Europe and befriended the eminent French scientist Leonor Fresnel, who along with his brother Augustin had done much work on optics and lenses for lighthouses. Alan died in 1865 and is buried with his wife in the family vault in the New Calton Cemetery.

As well as his numerous other achievements, he will be best remembered for building Skerryvore, which RLS described as "the noblest of all extant deep-sea lights", and considered by many to be the world's most elegant and perfect lighthouse.

Lighthouses -

Little Ross (1843)
Skerryvore (1844)
Covesea Skerries (1846)
Chanonry Point (1846)
Cromarty (1846)
Cairn Point (Loch Ryan) (1847)
Noss Head (1849)
Ardnamurchan (1849)
Sanda (1850)
Heston Island (1850)
Hoy (1851)
Stornoway (Arnish Point) (1853)


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