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Stone of Destiny

The emblem of Scottish kingship

The Stone of DestinyIt was also Edward I "The Hammer of the Scots" who carried south the emblem of Scottish kingship (the Stone of Scone or Destiny) from one of his earlier campaigns, and placed it within the base of the coronation chair in Westminster Cathedral in London.

John Prebble, in “The Lion in the North”, says: “The seat of kings was moved [from Dalriada] to Scone, sacred centre of Pictland, and the royal sons of Alpin accepted their inheritance upon a stone slab which tradition believes was taken from Tara in Ireland, built into the wall of Dunstaffanage Castle, and then brought reverently to Scone.”

However, tradition or not, geologists say the block of sandstone was quarried locally not far from Scone in Perthshire. Since then every king and queen of England (and Great Britain since the Union of the Crowns in 1603) has been crowned on this chair.

And there it remained until 1950, when four young Scottish patriots took the stone from Westminster, and after four months, returned it, not to London, but to Arbroath Abbey, and placed it before the high altar.

In 1996, the Stone was returned to Scotland and now lies with the Honours of Scotland in Edinburgh Castle.

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